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Partner Action Deliverable Deliverable title Expected Landed
SOL.LEX.SUS A4 D.A.4.1 Methodology to measure Circular Policy and Governance Change 30.09.2022 25.09.2022
SOL.LEX.SUS A3 D.A.3.1 Assessment of Legislative Framework for WMPP and CE Implementation including Digital Registry of policy and legal acts 31.12.2022 22.12.2022
SOL.LEX.SUS A4 D.A.4.2 Report on Circular Policy and Governance Gaps including Digital Registry of gaps and required changes 31.12.2022 22.12.2022
SOL.LEX.SUS C2 D.C.2.1 Report on the Creation and Composition including the Terms of Reference for the Operation of Policy Groups 31.12.2023
SOL.LEX.SUS C3 D.C.3.1 Internal Legislative Process Guide 31.12.2023
SOL.LEX.SUS C4 D.C.4.1 Analysis of 1) Existing State of GPP in Practice in Slovenia and 2) Current Public-Private and Public-Public Partnerships in Slovenia 31.12.2023
SOL.LEX.SUS C14 D.C.14.1 4 Sets of Training Materials 31.12.2023
SOL.LEX.SUS D1 D.D.1.1 Final Project KPIs selected with elaborated monitoring methodology 31.12.2023
SOL.LEX.SUS D1 D.D.1.2 1 Periodic Reports on Achieving KPIs 31.12.2023