Knowledge & Solutions

In the project, we bring together interdisciplinary scientists to design technically, regulatory, and economically feasible solutions.

We combine science and innovation

As part of the project, we are conducting six large-scale demonstration projects to demonstrate technical and economic feasibility.
Production of surface soils and revitalization of mining

Production of new surface soil mixtures and testing in the laboratory and in the field under real conditions.

Sludge recycling to increase flood safety

Development of the process for continuous sludge extraction and processing into construction materials.

Prevention of illegal dumping

A comprehensive concept to prevent illegal dumping of waste in the case of a metropolitan municipality.

Closing urban loops through increased reuse

Closing the loop on construction waste and a one-stop store for all information.

Recovery of secondary raw materials from landfills

Demonstrate extraction of raw materials from industrial waste landfills (e.g., slag, foundry sand, etc.).

Extraction of critical raw materials from municipal sewage sludge

In Slovenia, more than 200,000 tons of municipal sewage sludge are produced annually. The extraction involves some of the 27 so-called critical raw materials in Europe.


A comprehensive set of complementary technical, digital, environmental, social and circular solutions.

Sustainable law

We monitor legal acts at all levels (European, national and local) and point out obstacles to sustainable development.

Assessment framework

We collect data and monitor all key indicators of sustainable and circular development.


We develop digital solutions using data verification (blockchain) and artificial intelligence.

Circular knowledge
We provide a wide range of knowledge, from the renewal of formal education to all forms of professional training.
Circular models
We promote the development, implementation and testing of new circular business models and practices.

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